What isn’t profitable isn’t sustainable.

If there’s one thing I know about coaches after having worked with them exclusively over the past 4+ years, it’s that money isn’t always the main motivator.

Usually, it’s 2nd or 3rd behind helping people and making a difference.

BUT...in order to do either of those things, you MUST be profitable.

What isn’t profitable isn’t sustainable.

If you aren’t making money, you aren’t going to be able to make a difference.

So the information you’re about to consume will focus mainly on the financial success of my clients and how and why the system we deploy is so powerful.

If you want to truly make an impact as a coach, you need to figure out how to make money as a coach.

It’s the only way to create the staying power, platform and reach necessary to truly make a difference.

Robbin started working with me immediately after getting certified as a parent coach.

She had never coached anyone and was still working full-time in the marketing department for McDonald’s.

Fast forward 2 years and we’ve sold over 69,000 books, and generated over $1,000,000 in sales JUST from her lead generation funnel...

I’m talking about e-Books, Audio books and mini-courses.

Not accounted for in the $1M+ shown here is her webinar sales for her parenting course…

Her group coaching…

Her 1-1, high-ticket coaching…

Her speaking fees as a recognized authority in the space…

Or any of the revenue she’s generated off her top rated podcast that she launched to her massive audience of BUYERS.

So, yeah...it’s true...


And Robbin ended up that way in less than two years, because she embraced one simple principle:


It’s fun (and popular) to talk about “scaling”...

But the truth is, it’s kinda hard.

Especially if you lack consistency in any critical area of your business.

The “Big Four” are Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Lead Conversion (a.k.a. Sales) and Fulfillment.

Said another way…

  • You need to consistently generate qualified leads
  • Effectively nurture and indoctrinate those leads so they view you as an expert 
  • Consistently convert those leads into paying customers, and...
  • ​Consistently deliver the kind of results your clients expect

Nail those four things and growth in your business is the natural byproduct.

If there’s a breakdown in any of those areas, the other areas will break down as well.

If you don’t have leads, you won’t have anyone to nurture toward a sale.

If you don’t have sales, you can’t produce results.

And if you can’t produce results, your name, brand and business will become known for that...and soon you’ll be out of business.

Scaling Your Business Starts With Consistent, 
Quality Lead Generation

Those leads are the gasoline that make the engine of your business capable of running.

And that’s exactly where we started with Robbin.

Her business was brand new and she didn’t have a massive budget to throw at advertising to bring in leads.

So we needed to figure out a way to spend money without it costing anything.

Click the "I Want To Spend Money For Free, Too" button to learn how we did just that.

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