Welcome To The 
"Book A Call" Sequence

You have now entered a sequence designed to get you excited and focused on what's possible in your business…

Build a bulletproof case that my system can help you achieve the results you've only dreamt about...

And then have you book a call with me to explore the opportunity of joining my coaching program or hiring my full service agency to build the type of perpetual client acquisition system every business should have.

But I wasn’t supposed to tell you any of that.

Tradition says I should hold back any mention of an offer at all.

Covertly place it behind a wall of content designed to build trust, rapport and goodwill.  

You know, pretend as if we aren’t all here to transact business...both you AND me.

You’re here because you want more clients.

I’m here because I help coaches just like you get a lot more clients.

So instead of beating around the bush, I say we get to it.


At this very moment...there are two questions bouncing around in your head.

First: “Do I like this guy?

Second: “Do I believe he can actually deliver the results I want?

So let’s address both of those.

Question #1: Do you like me?

Well...life is not a popularity contest…

Unless we’re talking about politics, corporate America, social media, social circles or anything else that involves humans.

Of course life is a popularity contest!!

We all want to be liked. But more importantly, as it relates to our business, we want to be top of mind.

And to stay top of mind, we need the reader to value the information we share with them so they continue to consume it.

The more they consume it, the more they start thinking, “Maybe this person is the real deal.”

My top secret strategy to get you to continue consuming my content is to provide highly insightful information as it relates to client acquisition systems and strategies…

And to do it in a way that is both easy to understand and, hopefully, humorous (WARNING: I’m a fan of GIF’s)...like this one:


Question #2: Do you believe I can deliver the result you want?

Well, I suppose it depends on the result.

Do you want to be as fly as the lady in the GIF above? No...can’t help you with that.

Do you want to quickly and dramatically scale your income, impact and influence as a coach?

Yeah...I can likely help with that.

But, just telling you that isn’t enough.

I need to overwhelm you with PROOF that we have helped multiple business builders just like you get amazing results using our system.

Only then will you be interested in applying to work with us.

Only AFTER I have demonstrated beyond any reasonable level of doubt that we’re a unicorn in the marketing world…

An agency that gets substantial results frequently.

Not someone who built one funnel that took off and got themselves a “Two Comma Club” Award from Clickfunnels.

That’s cool and all...but how much money I’ve made for myself doesn’t matter nearly as much as how much I’ve helped make for my clients like you.

So that’s what we’re going to do…

Prepare to be dazzled with dozens of screenshots of merchant accounts and funnel stats…

Case studies of clients growing from a few thousand per month to a few thousand per day in sales…

6-figure months after 6-figure months... 

And a relentless focus on PROFIT vs Revenue.


Beware the marketer who only references top line #’s.

If you did $1,000,000 in revenue, but spent $1,200,000 in advertising...you’d still get your 2 Comma Club Award from our friends at Clickfunnels…

And you’d be headed to bankruptcy.

What matters is PROFIT.

It’ll be the fuel in your engine that will allow you to make the impact you desire.

So that’s the plan...and it's already begun.

Robbin's journey from working for McDonalds to building a million dollar coaching business from scratch starts HERE

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