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Rick Valentine
Facebook™ Ad Agency Owner | Entrepreneur | Coach | Client Acquisition Specialist

Attention Coaches & Consultants:

I’m about to break many of the long standing rules being taught around Digital Marketing.

I’m not telling you this to be controversial, attention getting or polarizing (also common tactics), but rather because I think it’ll be beneficial to your business AND mine.

Most of the tactics still being taught in the online marketing “education” world are outdated, ineffective and were designed for far less sophisticated readers than you.

They are often blatantly deceptive, insincere, or exaggerated...WHILE AT THE SAME TIME intended to build trust and rapport.

And while it is possible to trick someone into trusting or liking you for a short period of time, it is far from an effective long-term, scalable strategy for growing your business.

I prefer to be as transparent as possible, supply an overwhelming amount of proof that the system we’ve perfected will work for your business, educate you on the specifics of how and why it’s effective, and THEN invite you to apply to work with me through my coaching program or full-service, done-for-you agency.

Everything you’re about to read is meant to cement the belief in your mind that my approach to growing successful coaching and consulting businesses is the single best strategy you can deploy to produce extraordinary results, quickly.

And if I succeed in building a bulletproof case as to why my “Structure For Scale” system will be game changing for your business too, I hope you’ll book a time to speak with me.

The system you’re about to discover has worked for coaches in dozens of different niches, because it isn’t based on the latest fad, bot or clever tactic…

It’s grounded in basic human psychology: Provide proof that you can help someone get what they want, and they’ll likely be interested in getting your help.

So that’s what I plan to do...in that order.

Step 1: Prove I can help you get what you want.

Step 2: Invite you to speak with me to see if you're a good fit for one of my programs.

If that sounds good, click the “Let’s Get Started” button below.

If that doesn’t sound good, don’t click the button...no hard feelings.

See you on the inside,


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